District 6 riders invaded New York in rounds 7 and 8 of the NATC National Series with 19 riders. Congratulations to Logan Bolopue, National Champion in the Junior class. Logan continued his dominance after moving up to the High School class and took 1st place both days. JJ Gregorowicz finished 4th for the year, scoring a 4th and a 6th in the expert class. Travis Fox placed 3rd on Saturday in the expert class. In the expert sportsman class, Terry Anselmo finished 5th and 2nd, finishing 4th for the year. Jon Minteer finished 8th and 10th, finishing 7th for the year.  Nick Mantzoros finished 2nd and 5th. Nick Fonzi notched a first and a third, and finished 2nd overall in Juniors. Also competing in Juniors were Hunter Weaver who finished second and first, and Brian Stull who finished 4th both days. In the sportsman class, John Banzhof finished 8th and 7th, and Jordan Young finished 7th and sixth. In the women's class Laura Paugh finished 5th both days, claiming 5th overall for the year. In the senior 35 class, Marc Brooks finished 1st and 2nd, placing 3rd overall, with Steve Krouse finishing 2nd and 3rd. Dave Diehl finished 4th and first, giving him 2nd overall for the year. Chris Hoffmeister finished 7th and 3rd, giving him 6th overall, and Brian Carpenter finished 11th and 7th, giving him 12th overall.  Nils Mantzoros finished first and second, taking second overall in the Senior 60 class. Jerry Young finished 3rd on Saturday in the senior 65 class.